50th Anniversary



50 Years

of Ministry and Passion for Christ



World Challenge

A 50th anniversary is often called the golden anniversary. It’s a befitting milestone for World Challenge which was founded on a life-long passion to reach the lost and help the suffering.

In these 50 years, David Wilkerson and Gary Wilkerson have gone to hundreds of conferences and evangelistic rallies, sent out over 700 newsletters and touched millions of lives. Everything that World Challenge has done over the decades has been in response to Christ’s call to preach the gospel and demonstrate God’s love to those in need.

Gary Wilkerson and some of our most faithful fellow-workers in ministry have shared their experiences working for the kingdom, and we want to encourage you with their stories.

If God has touched your life through World Challenge, share it with us. We believe there is great power in recounting our Father’s mighty deeds, mercy and goodness.

Join us in celebrating all that God has done!


Latest Videos

Who was David Wilkerson?

David Wilkerson was a pastor, an evangelist, a leader. But ultimately, he was someone who was impressed with no one else but God and dedicated his life to seeking him. Out of this pursuit, he was given a voice that impacted millions, rising to the challenge of his generation. As we celebrate 50 years of ministry, we start by looking back at our Founder. Join us weekly to celebrate all that God has done throughout these 50 years.

Dallas Holm: David Wilkerson's Personal Impact

Dallas Holm, former worship leader for David Wilkerson outreach, shares the impact Wilkerson had on his life. He recounts Wilkerson modeling how to find and stay in God’s will no matter the opportunity or hindrance. It was this singular focus that he believes kept Wilkerson from many of the pitfalls of ministry.

Gary Wilkerson: Receiving the Mantle of Leadership

Gary Wilkerson — pastor, author and son of David Wilkerson — shares how his father passed the mantle of World Challenge’s leadership over to him. He discusses how his father mentored him through the early years of being the ministry’s president and what a difference this made for his path as a leader.

Transformation Through the Gospel in Uganda

Keith and Maureen Holloway tell the story of how community health evangelism transformed a village in Uganda through the lives of two very special women. God’s ability to heal and restore his people is always a blessing to witness. We are grateful to all of you who have made this ministry possible with your support!

Reflections on The Cross & the Switchblade: Pain, Prayer and Sacrifice

Although The Cross & the Switchblade impacted the lives of millions, Gary Wilkerson notes that his father rarely talked about those days on the streets of New York City. The book and film captured snapshots of David’s life, but both skimmed over the true hardship and loneliness that came with following a radical call of Christ. Here Gary shares a few personal memories of the man behind the story.

Redemption on the Streets of Detroit

Kelly Wilkerson shares the story of one of thousands transformed through evangelistic outreaches that she and Gary have worked in throughout the years. World Challenge conferences always seek partnership with local churches who can disciple and walk alongside new believers, and this can make all the difference for someone who is venturing forth into a new life in Christ.

The Jesus Movement

Dallas Holm, who worked alongside David Wilkerson in his outreaches, unpacks how the Jesus Movement intersected with Wilkerson's evangelical efforts during the 60s and 70s. While some churches struggled to accept these young people who didn't match their ideas of what 'good Christians' should look like, other churches grasped what the Holy Spirit was doing and thrived.