Video Devotionals

Attributes of God - Holiness

In ancient Hebrew, anything that was listed three times was meant to be taken seriously. Scripture describes God through many of his attributes, but holiness is the only one that is listed three times. God is pure, clean and totally separate from the things of the world. He is holy, holy, holy.

Attributes of God - Wisdom

What exactly is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? It is well known that God has limitless knowledge, but his wisdom is less familiar. It is an important attribute to understand because knowledge without wisdom would look very different.

Attributes of God - Mercy

Everything and everyone that God has created is touched by his mercy. We can think of this aspect of God’s nature in a narrow sense, but it truly affects everything. We are created and sustained by the mercy of God.

Attributes of God - Grace

Have you ever taken a moment to really consider what God’s graciousness means? Even though we are part of God’s creation, we still choose to rebel against him. While we were in that broken, rebellious state, God chose to offer us redemption. That level of grace is almost impossible to comprehend.

Attributes of God - Goodness

God’s goodness means that, if you love him, he is always on your side. No circumstance, trial or tribulation could change that. God is deeply, totally good, and he will work things out accordingly in the end.

Attributes of God - Love

All of God’s attributes are essential to who he is, but scripture seems to place a special emphasis on the fact that he is loving. God’s all-encompassing love is one of the ways that he makes himself known to us.

Attributes of God - Transcendent

God’s transcendence means that every element of his character goes beyond our understanding. While God is certainly near to us, he is also majestic, glorious and well beyond our capacity to comprehend.

Attributes of God - Glorious

All glory ultimately comes from God. It is an integral part of his attributes, abilities and character. Just as the moon reflects light from the sun, God's creation can only reflect his limitless glory.

Attributes of God - Justice

The God of justice, often portrayed in the Old Testament, makes many believers deeply uncomfortable. This week, Gary Wilkerson explores how this aspect of God is not only very necessary but also deeply loving. We need a God who will defend the weak and require justice for the world's wrongs.

Attributes of God - Omnipresence

God is present everywhere at once. He sees and interacts with every part of the universe at the same time. This aspect of God is so alien to us because we're limited to a single place at any given moment. How is God present with us right now and also billions of other people? How do we comprehend this aspect of God?