12 Faces of Missions – May | World Challenge

12 Faces of Missions – May

World Challenge Staff
May 18, 2018

For the protection of our partner, her face has been blurred and all names changed.


Sunaina from India

Imagine you live in a poor village in India. Your home may only have one room without even a bathroom or a toilet. Instead, you have to use the public bathroom in the village center. Running water is scarce. The nearest water source is miles away. Animals roam free and their feces are hand shaped into patties to fuel families’ fires for meal preparation. It was in these conditions that we first met Sunaina, her husband, and their three children.

Having met Christ long before our arrival in her village, Sunaina already had a heart for serving others. Her generosity allowed her to help anyone in need without regard of caste or religion, but she struggled to create any lasting changes in her village. This all changed the day Sunaina became a volunteer trainer for World Poverty Solutions (WPS).

After learning about better hygiene practices through the WPS trainings, Sunaina began to make changes in her surroundings. She made repairs and renovations to her home which allowed her family to clean themselves at home. The farm animals were given a clean space farther away from Sunaina’s home which eliminated most of the disease-bearing flies.

Sunaina didn’t stop with her own situation though; she wanted to see the same transformation in her neighbors’ lives as well. She began actively teaching her neighbors about cleanliness and hygiene. She even teamed up with one of her friends, Mahima, to bring training to two neighboring villages as well as their own communities. Sunaina and Mahima hope to share the knowledge of a truly transformed life with everyone around them.

Please join us in prayer for Sunaina as her transformation message is spread to her village and surrounding areas. Thank you for your continued support as we work tirelessly to reach more people like Sunaina and spread transformation all over the world.