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Preaching with Power Introduction


Preaching with Power Introduction


How do church leaders build and maintain holy leadership? Our job is bringing glory to God and transforming people's lives, but we can only accomplish that if we have a correct, weighty view of God. Our souls need to be immersed in the presence and holiness of God. This is a call for the power of the Holy Spirit to break through our low view of God and the crisis of our times.

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Carter Conlon

What if God sends us to be a leader of the church in our frailty, failure and frustration? Carter Conlon, General Overseer of Times Square Church, talks about how a pastor who is filled with his own vision and successes can rarely, if ever, hear anything beyond the sound of his or her own voice. The self-focused minister will preach to the people. A humble, God-focused minister will preach for the people. 

Gary Wilkerson

How do pastors actively invite God's presence into their preaching? This week, Gary Wilkerson talks about how pastors who earnestly long for God's presence must decide to be an empty preacher, crucified along with Christ. When church leaders do this, God grants the power to carry a weight beyond any one person's own ability in a generation that needs to be carried and lifted up to the things of God.

Tim Dilena

What are the practical and spiritual steps for pastors to prepare effective and life-changing sermons? Pastor Tim Dilena explores the answers to this question in this week's session. If preachers begin at the right point in their preparation, they can exponentially increase their effective communication. Those starting points might not always be intuitive, but they are incredibly important as Pastor Tim points out through 39 years of preaching experience.

Voddie Baucham

Pastor and Dean of Theology for African Christian University in Zambia, Voddie Baucham, lays out the vital connection between the art and science of preaching. Passion and natural skill in public speaking can only take a preacher so far. A deep commitment to the biblical text is needed to preach with true power and authority. In this session, Baucham unpacks how any pastor can develop sermons in line with the Bible and alive with the power of God's truth. 

Tim Dilena

In this session, Tim Dilena examines how prayer is the lifeblood of a vital ministry with God and how, conversely, many church leaders struggle with prayer. Jesus left a precedent for prayer as a leader in the scriptures that cannot and should not be disregarded. Here, Pastor Dilena unpacks the significance of these passages and practical ways that leaders can follow in Christ's footsteps. 

Claude Houde

Preaching with true, consuming passion does not come from personality, charisma, temperament or age. It comes from utter submission to God, and then this passion will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. This divinely gifted fervor in your preaching will result in fruit from your congregation.

Tony Evans

As preachers, our job is to bring heaven into history by practically discipling believers to lead God-honoring, kingdom lives. We cannot allow this commission become watered down into 'make converts.' The purpose of our preaching is to create people who become visible, verbal followers of Christ, progressively learning to live all of life under the lordship of Jesus.

R.T. Kendall

How do preachers teach with power and spiritual authority? R. T. Kendall delves into what defines 'power' from the pulpit and three ways that pastors may be unknowingly blocking the Spirit's authority in their preaching. Along the way, he uncovers potential pitfalls that preachers can fall into with their pursuit of seeing lives touched through their sermons. Join us for this exploration of the humble heart and wisdom of R. T. Kendall.

Voddie Baucham

In session 2, Dr. Voddie Baucham asks the question, “do you believe ‘all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching’”? Presenting a balanced view of scripture to your congregation is necessary for their growth. Pressing needs and cultural moments need to be addressed yet doing so with a commitment to the core of gospel preaching is essential.