A Key in Small Hands

Rachel Chimits

Our partners in Asia are working together to make sure that children have access to educational opportunities as part of loving their communities.

During the height of the pandemic in Asia, some children approached World Challenge’s partners and told them, We want to keep learning. Our schools are closed, and we do not have books. We’re bored staying at home.” 

Our partners conducted a rapid survey with primary grade students about their accessibility to printed books, online classes and broadcasted classes through the television and radio. The majority of children and their families shared that they had no access to these resources.

The team began collaborating with the schools and local authorities to make educational books that would prepare children for the new school year, and not just the children of one town. They aimed to help as many children as they could in multiple districts.

The Present of Paper and Ink

Before distributing the books, local church leaders met with community evangelist groups to explain the purpose of the project. The book distribution is not the end but start of a ministry for caring and loving their neighbors.

Thousands of books were printed and distributed to 12,000 students. Altogether 15 churches and 20 community evangelist groups worked together with each community’s schools for the thousands of children and homes reached. The books were distributed with the help of local government officials, pastors and community leaders.

They didn’t stop there, though. The role of parents to guide their childrens education using these school books at home is important. The volunteers worked together with parents to show them how to support their children’s learning with these books and also at-home activities.

As a part of this ongoing effort to care for their communities and nearby families, the church members and other volunteers have been regularly visiting families and working together with them to answer any questions and encourage them in these efforts to continue the next generation’s education. These children’s futures have their best chance with the support of not only their parents but also their entire community.

Unlocking Future Doors

One key leader of a local church shared, It has been amazing to learn about the CHE ministry. We have been ignoring social aspect of the gospel for long time. Now I appreciate the enthusiasm and vision that [name omitted*] leaders are sharing with us. We are glad that we can be in our community and work with them being salt and light.”

After working with the communities alongside other church leaders with the support of World Challenge’s partners, the same leader shared with us, I am very happy to engage myself for the poor children in our community. It has been really blessing from God for me to be the part of such wonderful ministry through CHE Group. It was really good to see the smile and hope in the face of children after receiving the self-learning books…. I pray that God uses us for our communities and our people.”

Many of the children have mentioned how grateful they are for the books that can help fill the gap that has been created by lockdowns and school closures. “It will help us to learn something at home. And it will well prepare us for going school again without fear.”

One of the school principals told the team, This book will contribute in mentally preparing the students for school. There was increasing fear about their learning, and they were hesitant to attend schools again, but this book is psychologically preparing both students and their parents for their future education.”