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86 Seconds

Criticism and Anger

July 23, 2019

When we suspect that we are inadequate or if we have been wounded by unloving words in the past, then we may often find that our response to criticism is fear and anger. If we allow God to heal those wounds, we will find peace and discover that we are able to have healthier relationships with other people.

Defining Abundant Life

July 16, 2019

How do we define success in life? Gary Wilkerson talks about how answering that question will either lead us on a path of constant disappointment or one of unshakable peace. We must redefine abundant life in God's terms.

The Issues of the Heart

July 9, 2019

What naturally comes out of our heart, especially in times of stress? Gary Wilkerson talks about how Jesus wants to transform our hearts so that we overflow generously with the fruits of the Spirit.

In the Middle of God's Love

July 2, 2019

Living as if we are dearly beloved children of God will change our entire approach to our heavenly Father and our lives. Gary Wilkerson urges everyone to remind ourselves that we are deeply loved because doing that each day can shape that day in new and beautiful ways.

Living For Self or God?

June 25, 2019

Gary Wilkerson opens this 86 Seconds devotional with a key question: "Do you focus more on what people think of you or what God thinks of you?" He explores how our hearts' motivations can chain us to others' opinions or free us to more abundant life in God.

Losing Your First Love

June 18, 2019

With the constant concerns of daily life, it can be easy to grow distant from God. Keeping our passion for God's work burning brightly is so important, as Gary Wilkerson discusses in this meditation on not letting life's worries cause us to lose our love for God.

Fear Not And Trust God

June 11, 2019

Are you wrestling with fearful thoughts today? One of the devils ploys is to trap us in a cycle of fear. This cycle leads to tension in our hearts, relationships and even with God. Pastor Gary encourages us to remember that Jesus gave his life for us, what good will he withhold from his children?

Store Up Treasures in Heaven

June 4, 2019

As a believer, it can be difficult to balance care for our responsibilities in this world with Jesus’ command to not be anxious about life. Gary Wilkerson talks about how we should approach God with these concerns and find peace in our Lord’s provision.

Finding Victory Over Depression

May 28, 2019

Many believers wrestle with depression, but Gary Wilkerson encourages to not listen to the condemning voice in our heads when we’re weighed down by despair. Instead, we should cry out for God’s presence and trust in him because God promises to be on our side and never abandon us, no matter how we feel in the moment.

Dealing With Discouragement

May 21, 2019

God’s people in the Bible faced deep discouragement and sometimes depression, and so do believers today. Gary Wilkerson examines how we can deal with bleak spans of our lives in healthy ways and how we don’t have to be trapped by depression.