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When Is It Okay for Me to Judge?

Rachel Chimits
September 28, 2020

We often hear that we shouldn’t judge others, but does this mean that we shouldn’t speak up if we notice sin or problems in someone else’s life?

David Wilkerson wrote about a small but jarring experience he once had in a bank. He’d walked in to make a withdrawal from his account. All was moving along as per usual until the teller handed him the cash he had requested.

Confessions of a Modern-Day Pharisee

Rachel Chimits
December 2, 2019

People these days often say, “Don’t judge” right before admitted questionable behavior, but is judging people’s choices always bad?

I don’t much care for the parable of the prodigal son.

Bratty, entitled younger sibling wreaks havoc on the household until he finally leaves to receive the just deserts of his poor choices. No Daddy and Mummy to the rescue, to cushion him from consequences.