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The End of Your Family Dysfunction


Nicky Cruz

January 29, 2012

God exists in family — as Father, Son and Holy Spirit — and because of this Satan makes family one of his primary targets. He has specifically targeted men and teens in our generation. Most of the people incarcerated grew up without a father. Teens struggle with loneliness, rejection and suicide. Pornography has infiltrated our homes. The strong influence of the media has distorted the family image and glorifies immorality. Our families are under attack and we need to fight back. It is time to bring Christ back into our lives and into our homes.

Not that many people, and I travel all over the world, dare to ask me what to preach. But Pastor Gary Wilkerson sent a message very straight and asked me ... he's always polite. He's got a mellow voice. He's not like his father. His father, he was a boxer, I mean slugger. His son is a boxer. So nice. Wilkerson, boom! That's it. And asked me to finish this, and it's going to continue, because the people are excited in the community, and they've seen that God is bringing new wine to Colorado Springs.

He told me to speak about dysfunctional family. And I'm so obedient that I did, yes. But it's a topic that I know very well. I am not going to talking about something that I don't know, I never experienced. It is a sad situation that I went through, but I don't mind to say it. And I'm going to do it, and I'm going to try to just talk to you little bit about the dysfunctional family. One of the most painful things for all of us is to accept that we all come from, somewhat, a dysfunctional family. Nobody in this room can say, "My family is perfect." Nobody! Liars. Because there's not somebody like that. Get it together.

But Satan want nothing more than to hurt and destroy the family. And how Satan can do that? Because the devil, Satan, has target one of the most sensitive areas of Jesus' heart, of God's heart, the family, to destroy the family. He target the family specifically, and that the reason we have so much problems, so many people are divisive and all of those things, and hate in the family. And the thing that I began to notice in my life as a Christian, the reason why Satan want to hurt the family, you've got to put the finger straight to him. Straight to what the devil is all about. Satan hate God. Do you know that? They are not friends. There's a new religion that say that Jesus Christ and the devil, they're going to make up and they're going to be friends. Hell, no. I mean, heck, no. I'm sorry. Over my dead body. There's not such a thing. Terrible. I'm sorry.

The reason the devil is target the family is very simple. Because the family is the foundations of everything, and the foundations of our nation. That's the only thing ... and the whole world. We are community. And the pain that the devil cause between God and family, the division. When thing go beautiful and nice, we always say we are lucky baby, and when thing go wrong, who we blame? God. If somebody die in a situation unexpectedly, God is the one to say ... we begin to question God. Only those born again, people that have connected with God, understand, and from there we draw power, and we will draw the things that ... many time we don't accept this comfort. It is good to accept comfort when we are ... because we understand the meaning of God's mind, how He love us, and we can go through all this situations. I lost, in the last three years, two of my brothers. One was killed, murdered. Kidnapped, murdered, and found out 24 hours ... his body was decomposed. My brother was a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for 42 years. The pain that the devil cause is serious, and damaging, and we have to deal with issues like loneliness and the problem is...

I have come to the conclusion, because I travel extensively in this country and all over the world, I find now that it the same, loneliness. Right here in this room, there is many people you are fighting loneliness. It can be a issue with husband and wife, children and parents, all can be something here. It can be that you feel that nobody care for you. There is rejection. We have to deal with that. And I believe ... that I'm a pastor, and I speak about this. There is drugs and alcohol abuse. There is such a thing ... adultery. That is a serious thing. Adultery is a serious thing. And one thing that bother me a lot is wife-beating. I don't know why in the world that wife go back to that monster.

Then depression. I know that in this room there's people are depressed, because you want to be something and you cannot reach that point, or because you been rejected by somebody, and then you feel depressed. And depression's a serious thing. And pain has a face. And one of the things that I going to warn you that is very serious, is suicide upon the teenagers. We don't know anymore as we send our children to school, we don't know if they're going to come back. And then later on, we found them in a ditch someplace, abused sexually, and killed. They take a ride in a bicycle, and they never came back. We living in a type of a situation that the whole thing had become a very strong battle between the flesh and the spirit, between good and evil.

I feel very strong. But as I began to look, who is behind all of this? Satan. He's a liar. The Bible describe very well in John 8:44, "When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar, and the father of lies." Don't believe him! Don't believe what he say to you, that you ugly. Although I believe some of you are.

God instituted the family in Genesis. Some of the family mentioned show us something what family life is going to be. You had it right there in Genesis. And some face severe moments in life. And here in Genesis, God wanted to bless us, and these people that think that we want to be ... that God create Adam and Eve just for themselves, no. God, in the beginning, spoke very clear to multiply. He have a plan. And who was behind to destroy the plan? Because he hate God! Everything that has to do with pure, everything that has to do with good. It was the devil himself, because he was dethroned. He was literally cast out. He's a liar. He's a liar! Do you know what he did in heaven? He brainwashed one third of all the angels, and he say, "Listen. If you follow me, oh, I'm going to give you power in earth, or wherever I'm going to be. And not only that, I'm going to give you power over many thousands." And those angels believe him, and that is reason they called fallen angels. Demons. Invaders. He told all the good things, that they going to possess power, but the devil is a liar. He never told them, "And because you going to follow me, we all going to go to the lake of fire."

Don't follow him! Don't follow you thoughts! Don't let all this depression, all the loneliness, just take advantage of your vulnerability. Don't follow those thought that sometime come like lightning! Because you are vulnerable. Because the only thing that can keep us literally close in with God is that our mind will be like Christ's mind. And God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful, and increase in number. Fill the earth, and rule over the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, and over every living creature that move on the ground." He give you power! Not to destroy, but to live. That's what it's all about.

Look the way ... as you begin to go through the book of Genesis, it tells you the full story. The families in Genesis. Adam and Eve, Noah, and Abraham, Jacob. In the first four family, we heard of murder, drunkenness. Noah cursed one of his sons. Abraham lied, that Sarah wasn't his wife, and another man took her, not only once, not only once, twice. Abraham! Who you think you are? Who Nicky Cruz think I am?

We are [inaudible] without Jesus Christ. We are weak without the power of the Holy Ghost in our life. There's no strength left, whatsoever. Here, you deal with one of the most painful thing. I believe this is painful. The person I'm going to use is King David. He really committed heavy mistake, and he have to pay the consequences. There's so many people have used drugs, and so many people that smoked. Sometime, many people that they have been free from that, sometime, out of the blue sky, they'll die with lung cancer. Believer, there's consequences. David was trapped in such a way that he literally could not sing to the Lord, pray to the Lord, he was locked into this darkness, depression. He could not eat. He could not sleep. He was losing weight. I mean, he was literally in torment. He was tormented, because he knew better.

Listen to me, you backsliders. God love you, and He always going to love you, and He going to give you whatever chance for you to come back, and be God your Father. Don't listen to all this ugly things, "Well, I'm a backslider, I've done many things, God don't love me anymore," or try to use all kinds of excuses, but this is what David did, and I tell you it was the perfect way to do it. This is a perfect example of dysfunctional. Psalm 25:16-18. This is so beautiful, clear, what else I can put or say? I should close the message right here. "Turn to me, and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. The trouble of my heart have multiplied. Free me from my anguish. Look upon my affliction and my distress, and take away all my sins." My God, isn't that what we going through? Isn't this the prayer that we should pray? Let me cool my throat. I speak from my stomach. That's why I've been ... longevity is my thing. Because if not I would be [grunt].

All the pain that he saw with his own eyes. How he was tormented by all these things that he witnessed! One son committed rape. One son committed murder. And in 2 Samuel 13:28, Absalom ordered his men, listen. "When Amnon is in high spirit from drinking wine." That mean [garbled] drunk. You don't know how to think. You would think that you never thought that you would do it. You black out, and you don't remember. "Wait for him." That was a setup. Do you know that the devil would love to set you up, and think that you love, and then after that, bang, you are dead. This is different than the first message, huh? They strike him down, then kill him.

I know how to setup. I was the gang leader. I knew how to play the game. I knew when to strike. If I know that this guy come in with a sawed-off shotgun and I have a 0.38, I say, "Oh, hold it. We need to talk about ..." And the next time, I know that he got a sawed-off shotgun, I come with bazooka. I come with a bazooka, and then I blow him away. But that's what he did. That was nothing but a setup.

I went out of my note. Maybe it's the best. So I can go, and I want to talk about what God did in my life. And I'll tell you something that is hurt me. I don't know how God helped me for many years, and just making everything so fresh, but this is what I learned from what happened to King David. Absalom ordered the death of his half-brother, because Amnon had raped his sister. The wicked act of David's oldest sons made them guilty of sexual immorality and murder, as their father had done before them.

I care for the family. As a family man, I have gone through everything that you normally go. But I tell you one thing. As long I live, I will fight for my children and my grandchildren, and if God gave me the blessing, for my grand-grandchildren. And I believe protection by God over every family here. Even if you are not born again, we speak protection, and we want to ask you to give God a chance in this morning. How direct I can be? Because you don't want nobody to play games around, because there's no music here to play some dance.

Marriage. There seem to be a disregard for the institutions of marriage. Divorce rate continue to climb, from 40% to 50%. The divorce rate is the same among Christians. What is this? Who seduce you? How do you pray to get married? What do you see in that man or that woman? Are you playing the game that maybe it's going to work, that the Christian girl try to get or marry a guy and say, "I'm going to save him?" Mm-hmm (affirmative). He might take you to the other side. And here is people who marry by convenience. Convenience is something that, well, this is good, or this is bad, or maybe we can click together. Or marry based on condition. I love you, if. If you ... if. [inaudible]. This is the way how dysfunctional things began to establish. 70% of those in long-term incarceration are without father. 70%. And many of them go back again. 60% of the rapists in prison are also fatherless. We become a nation of fatherless, and children be raised by single parents. More mothers than fathers.

The importance of the father in the home cannot be overstated. Discipline provide boundaries. Boundaries bring security, and we all long for that security from our parents when we are young, and from God our entire lives. We cannot make it without God. I could never make it 53 years of salvation without God. God is good. God love you so much. God is here to heal your wounds, to kiss your pain, to take you out of that dark depression.

And let me just close, because I'm looking at the clock. I'm doing good. I hate you! [inaudible] none of them come that way, to 12:03. You don't like me? I don't like you either. But these people will leave if I stay too long. The first thing that happened is, my pastor say, "I want you to look over there. We have a clock." I hope that he can follow that, too. Gary don't know what I'm going to say next.

Let me just talk a little bit about why Pastor Gary took this subject, dysfunctional family. Let me be honest. The only way I can do it is to be vulnerable. I got to be vulnerable. I want to just ... for you to be vulnerable, and I want to do something. I'm going to open up, and I'm going to put my heart in your heart, and in your hands. It's a miracle that I'm here in front of you. It's a miracle that I'm talking about Jesus, about the blood, about the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost. I didn't deserve this, because I was born in a witchcraft environment. I was born, and put, or set, in the womb of a mother that was a witch, in witchcraft. Since she was a teenager, she practice all of this. Then she met a great man. He was powerful, that he was a Satanic priest. My dad, my father. You know what I regret about my father, in this dysfunctional situation? That I never had the privilege to call him Dad. I used to call him his first name, Don Galo. I could not call my mother Mom. I call her Doñaleija.

Everything that happened in my life, like I said in this morning, as I extend my arms to you, and my blood is running to my veins, I can never deny my identity, who is my parent, who I am. What flows through my veins is the blood of my mother the witch, and the blood of my father the Satanic priest. A curse. We all ... and not only my dad or my mother, but the whole family. The curse is all over. The dark cloud is all over the Cruz family. I wasn't the only one in the family. I have 17 brothers and one sister, because my father was a lovable man. And he loved my mother. He never believed in television. He never gave my mother a break. At least 24 month, every 11 months, there's a baby coming. A-waa! There he is, my brother.

The beating, the abuse. This fear, the scare. The demon demonstrations. The way that they house used to shake. The fear that it was on my brother. The time that we just sneak to the door, and saw my mother possessed by the devil. To see my father doing miracle, not in the name of Jesus Christ, but in the name of Satan. To watch them bring this man dying, and there is my brother Gene and Felix and myself watching through the door as those frog began ... five frog, fume, began to come from his belly out, hit the door, and hit the wall, and just fall dead. That how possessed my family was. That was what happened, if you talking about being dysfunctional.

And when you began to put two and two together, why my mother went after me? Why my mother beat me and beat me? Why my mother, until I was nine years old, locked me in this room, and many times she broke my nose, my lips, close my eye because she hit me so hard. How many times she grabbed me by my hair, and I was defenseless, and hit me against the wall, that the whole house was turning around. How I wake up naked in the fetal position, holding my pain, holding, because I was in physical pain. And the worst, I ask question, "Why?" And secondly, I love her. Why she went after my innocence? She took my innocence away. Not sexually, brutally physically. She called me every name that you can imagine. She told me, "You are not my son."

Listen to me. I beg you to listen to me, because maybe some of you, you are looking right now, and you are say, "Who is Nicky Cruz?" And you might heard that in whatever publicity. But I want to tell you this. It is the most darkest thing that a child can feel. It is the most abusive thing that a mother can put a child. It is a spirit that is controlling your mind, and it's controlling your body. The suicidal thing started when I was seven years old, and I was insecure in that thoughts, all those dark thoughts, when I was nine years old, and I want to hang myself from a mango tree. The last blow of my mother was when she literally grabbed me, and grabbed me by my two little arms, and make me look at her eyes and her face, and I don't want it. There was some lady there, and I was scared. I was shaking. I was so shaken, I don't want to look at her eyes because I know what it was coming. She forced me, and I look at her eyes, and it was scary. Her eye was so big they don't look human. They was dark, dark orange. Why I began to hate my mother? That was a thing that I never expected, but I became to hate her guts.

Then I came to New York City, and here I'm in New York City, and I got lost. I got violence, I began to do things that you can never imagine. My hand was so full of blood. I had no conscience. I was cold blooded executed, calculated. I was going straight to the electric chair. And some way, I got busted, and then I came out. Then my best friend got killed. He died in my arm, I holding his head in my arms. And I want to cry, but I couldn't, because I swear when I was a little boy that I would never cry again, and I would never love again, and there was nothing, no feeling inside of me. I remember that the only way that I can survive ... and I knew I don't want to live no more than 21 years ... it was to bury that little Nicky when he was nine years old. I told him that, "Nobody going to hurt you, nobody going to beat you. Nobody going to do this and that for you. I will kill for you." And that's exactly what I was doing in New York. I was protecting that little boy.

The nightmare that I have, it was so diabolic when I was a teenager. How the devil play game with my head, with my mind! How trapped you feel in a room, and you screaming, and the neighbor of the next door, they're scared to come in because they knew my reputation. But I want to thank God, that God is good. When I was completely finished and done, when I didn't believe in love, God's love was moving in the hills of Pennsylvania, in a little town of Pennsylvania where Gary was born. A town that they have more cows than human beings. And the spirit of the Lord came upon David Wilkerson, sent him to New York City, walking into the mouth of the lions. We were bunch of savage ... the city was burning, and nobody can change it. The mayor, the governor, nobody. We taking over. We were the pioneers of the gangs.

This man come in, walk in into our turf, our territory. Walk into the warzone, where's there no guarantee that you're going to live. Like I said in this morning, it was so scary that Dracula and Frankenstein was afraid to walk in our neighborhood. But Dave walk in, thank God. I didn't know who God was. The police warned him, "Don't go. They want to kill you." David didn't listen. He came in. He stood there in the street corner, started speaking loud, competing with all the noises of the train, the buses, and the children and all of these things in the hot summertime.

Then I'm with my girlfriend, I'm half a stone high, and I told him ... I look at these people, I said to my girl, "Come on, let's go. Let's go and see what happens." She said, "Oh, come on, Nicky. The only thing that people get excited in New York when somebody get killed." I said, "No, you going to come with me." She didn't want to, but there is a law, a rule in the gangs, you do what the gang leader tell you to do. She forgot, when I initiated a guy in the gangs, they have to go through the process. "When I say you come, you come. You understand? And when I say you go, that mean you go, okay?" So I told just my word to my girl. "When I say you ..." Okay, she know. When I say you come, you come. I grab her, we walk ... to what?

To hear this loud voice. "God has the power to change your life right now!" On the street, hundred people there, and then I started screaming loud, "You shut up! There's no God! I am God! And if you open your mouth again and talk about God, you are dead man!" Then I said, "I want to see this guy. This guy got lot of guts to come over here and talk like this." So I start pushing violently with people. And here is Dave. Here is Dave Wilkerson. Look at him. I was shocked. He was so skinny, skinny, skinny, like a spaghetti [inaudible]. And he got thick, thick glasses. I tried to psych him out. I couldn't, because I was going different direction. And the worst, to come to New York City, the guy who gave Wilkerson the hair cut, he was nothing but a butcher.

He might look insignificant. He might look like a 117 pound. But you don't know what is inside! You never can undermine the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a human being. The possession that was there in this man! In the beginning, I went after him and I spit on his face. Humiliate him. And yet, he understood that his life was in danger, but he has a message. He got to deliver that message. That the reason he was in New York. He told me right straight, "I came over here to give you a message from Heaven, Nicky. Nicky, Jesus love you!" The opposite what I ever heard in my life. Then he change. He change in front of me. Boldness came over him. No longer he was afraid. Now he got lot of guts. This boldness was so strong that he started screaming at me. "Kill me!" I said, "What?" "Is that going to make you feel good in front of these people? Go ahead and kill me. Let me tell you something, Nicky. You can go ahead and you can kill me, and cut me in thousand pieces, but every thousand piece is going to cry out that Jesus love you, and I love you, Nicky."

There's the two elements there. There's the two elements of love. The divine love, and the human love. I said, "What?" Never had nobody talked to me that way. Well, just to ... it's a long story. I came to the conclusion, because Israel ... to go and see the preacher. Because Israel played the game, because I told him, "No, I don't want to go." He played the game of chicken, that I was afraid of Dave Wilkerson. I say, "I am not afraid of him. Did you see how skinny this guy is? I could [swish] fall on the floor." "You're afraid of him." "No!" "Well, come." So I went. But I don't want to go by myself. I took 75 guys for protection. What a tough guy, to listen to a skinny preacher. And my gun loaded with bullets.

We walk in, wow! There were 2,000 people! Wilkerson was naïve. He invited all the gangs, 12 different gangs, and there's going to be blood. Somebody going to get killed. Seriously. That's going to come all over the news. And then this girl tried to sing, and we didn't know that that was a Christian place, or a religious gathering, so we started dancing all over the place. Threatened the other gangs. Then she didn't finish the song. She dropped the microphone. She split. She really split.

Then Dave ... I call him Dave because that's the way I will call him. Dave grabbed the microphone. You don't believe what he say. We were screaming and all of this. He say, "I want right now five guy from the Mau Mau's to collect the offering. I say, "What? This guy is insulting us. Do you hear that? They going to collect money! He know that we are thief." They give us this empty basket, and we was passing it. How do you think that we passed it? "Hi. God bless you. God going to bless and multiply, double what you give, because God love you. And I love you too." Can you see me doing things like that? No! We were pushing the people. We were screaming the people. We were cursing the people. "Put that money right here, right now! No, not enough. If you don't put more money, I'm going to blow your brains out. Put the money!" People were dropping their wallets.

But you know what? You laugh, but that was ordered by the Holy Spirit, because I felt so proud when I gave that money to David. We didn't took a penny, because I want to show him a lesson. I'm going to double-cross him, that we are not a bunch of thief, when we was bunch of thief. That was the moment that I receive something, that I never felt good. I felt so good. I never had felt so good since my childhood. I felt so good that I did something good, and I was talking to myself, "Wow, Nicky, you good! Look what you did. You give the money to the preacher. You are nice guy." Ha ha ha ha. I'm a nice guy.

That was a setup. The Holy Spirit set me up, because something is coming. He put me in that place, and then Wilkerson spoke about many thing, but one of the thing that he spoke was, the last two minute, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That opened my eyes, because I can identify myself with violence, and the crucifixion of Christ was violent. And there, it was like I was watching the preacher like I was in the movie, and I watching what they're doing to Jesus Christ. I don't know who Jesus is. And then, just like that, he began to go in detail, and he's captivate my imagination. I was listen to everything that he was saying, and then I was talking to myself. "He is good, I'm bad. He deserve life, I deserve the electric chair. Why they have to kill Him?"

Then, just like that, Wilkerson finish, and he say that Jesus died, and then He resurrected. And he brought down, and then just like that he start looking in at us, and he try to give us the message. He ask me, "Nicky, do you want me to pray for you?" I say, "No." But that was the beginning. Israel stood up. Then I stood up. Then, 25 guys stood up, and the girlfriends. Then the power of the Holy Spirit was so strong that there was nobody there to move! We stood up, and we went to the front. I never in my life had been open to anything, and right there, when Wilkerson start praying ... when he start praying, I start feeling something coming into my heart. But I took his hands and I put it away, and I push, and I say, "No, no, no, no, don't pray for me."

The battle began between my soul, between who going to control my life forever. Where I'm going to go. Where is my destiny. And then, Wilkerson say, "Nicky, He's all over you." I broke down and I start crying and crying. And I just crying so hard, and I collapse in the arms of Jesus Christ. I went down on my knees, and for the first time, I called God to help me. "Help me, please." Care less about my enemies. Care less about the 2,000 people. There I gave my heart to Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen what took place it was this. Little that I knew, little that Dave Wilkerson knew, he will put the point right straight into a dysfunctional family. He put the finger into a curse that would destroy the Cruz family.

I'm so happy that God gave me a chance to experience love, because that day when I gave my life to Jesus, then two years later, I went home, and I went to talk to my mother, to forgive my mother, and my mother gave her heart to Jesus Christ. My father gave his heart to Jesus Christ. 13 of my brothers gave their heart to Jesus Christ. I want to bless you. He literally broke the curse of witchcraft! He want to break the curse right now! I don't know whatever got you bound. But I'm here to be a inspiration for you. If Nicky Cruz did it, you can do it to. So I'm going to ask the musicians, the people that didn't pay me to train them to play. Ladies and gentlemen Jesus Christ superstar.

Kelly, I love you. We want to go all the way. I don't want no chicken in this crowd. No coward, and gutless. Don't come over here, "I'm scared." Don't believe that. This is going to be a gutsy afternoon, but you got to have the gut to do it. I had the gut to do it in front of 2,000 people, in front of my gang, and in front of my enemies. Care less, because what I receive, it was life. Salvation. A baptism of love. And those who going through all these things, I want you to come out. Come out from wherever you are sitting. Don't be intimidated by nobody in this room. Be strong to allow those feet to start walking, from all the way back. This place is packed. You got to have the gut to say, "Nicky, I'm tired. I'm tired of doing the same thing."

Everybody standing, please. I want you to get out from wherever you are. Oh, beautiful. [Spanish]. You are loved in this church. I want you. I don't want to start begging to no one in this place. I know you can do it, I know you got the guts. Can you do it? Bring your friends. Bring your wife, bring your husband. And if your wife and your husband and your children, tell your parent. "Dad, Mom, it's time for us to get a ride, and bring Jesus into our home." Beautiful. Get out from wherever. All right. Just come. That's right. Don't be afraid. Stand right here.

Let me say this to you. A few moment, we going to close. And I know many of you were struggling with this word dysfunction. And some of you, you had turned your back to Jesus, but Jesus never had turned his back on you. Some of you, you're scared that you're not going to fulfill what you're going to promise in this afternoon. But I know, in my heart of heart, that some of you need a great change in your life. Maybe the first time you come, and maybe you put religion as something in you, and you are never really experience personally who Jesus is in your heart. Some of you, you got guts. Some of you, you're gutless.

Some of you, you don't want to admit that your marriage having problem, and that you need to do something. If you're going to divorce or something, there's a chance that you can cross the line, and you can grab your wife or your husband and say, "Come on, let's make it right this time." Some of you have so much hatred in your life that you need to release it. Anger. Anguish. I'm summing up everything. I'm summing up everything, and the only thing I can tell you is, without a shadow of a doubt, that I love you. That I did my best. That I open up my heart to you, to encourage you. And yet you stand there, full of loneliness. Some of you depressed. Some of you, because you have lost somebody so dear to you, or because you got to break up, because they abuse, or because you really are struggling with a spirit of violence and rage, and the people around you suffer. You're explosive, and you don't know how to control it.

This is my last call. My last crying out. The best that you can do, a special song that brought your friend, to extend your helping hand and tell your friend, "I go with you." I know that person will say, "Thank you." Don't stand there. Somebody there is move and touch. Extend your helping hands and say, "I go with you." From my heart to your heart, and my soul to your soul, this is my last crying out to you. Don't resist the Holy Spirit. Don't fight it. Please. I never used the word please, but I'm using it today. Don't leave this place. Please don't do it. He may never talk to you with the same tenderness and kindness, and loving care, that He doing right now. I ask you one more time. Come. And that's it. I am no going to beg you. No pressure whatsoever. But you got to have the gut to get out. Come, and don't be afraid! Get out from wherever you are, in the name of Jesus! And there's going to be healing, in your soul, in your mind. Just come.

I'm going to say this verse one more time, but I want my pastor to say it. Psalm 25:16 and 18. Because I believe this is what this people, just like his son, is going through right now. We going to enter into one of the biggest fight for your soul like you never have seen. I want every Christian that love Jesus, that you filled by the Holy Spirit, to join us to fight for these children that are in the front. Read that.

Psalms 25:16-18. "Turn to me, and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted. The troubles of my heart have multiplied. Free me from my anguish. Look upon my affliction and my distress, and take away all my sins.

Amen. Hallelujah.

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