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86 Seconds

Highly Esteeming Every Attribute of God

August 4, 2020

Those with a high view of God are worshippers, obedient and seek holiness. Those with a low view of God are wrapped up in the world and wrestle with sin patterns. Wondering where you might fall? To have a low view of God is to pick and choose the attributes of God you prefer, like love and mercy over wrath and judgment. But to have that high view and fully know God—and be transformed—is to accept his fullness and all his attributes.

Let Your Heart Be Stirred to Know God

July 28, 2020

Has your heart towards God grown cold or distant? By seeking to know him and his attributes—to know him more intimately—your love for him can be stirred and grow. God wants a relationship with you and to change your whole life. Will you press in and know him?

The Power of Knowing God

July 21, 2020

We study the attributes of God to know God better. And through knowing God, we can move in faith, power and strength. In the weeks ahead, Gary will be sharing the various attributes of God so that you may know your Creator more fully.

Do You Have a High View of God?

July 14, 2020

If you pick and choose the attributes of God you prefer, you'll form a low view of him and struggle to trust him. In contrast, if you study the attributes of God and get a high view of who he is, you will gaze upon his glory and be filled with awe.

What Can You Do in 86 Seconds?

July 7, 2020

86 seconds may not seem like much time but God can do so much within that time frame. Giving him 86 seconds of your day can help you turn your heart towards him, reflect and repent, and set your priorities. Give God 1/1000th of your day and watch him stir your heart to engage passionately with him.

Who Is the Paul to Your Timothy?

June 30, 2020

Another aspect to increase is the company you keep. Spend time with people further down the road than you—a Paul to your Timothy—to grow your increase.

Faithful Stewardship Is the Key to Increase

June 23, 2020

David saw a progression of increase as he walked in faithfulness; starting with bare hands to ultimately receiving a crown of leadership. If you desire an increase in your own life, faithfulness with what God has given you now is required to receive the provision of what's next.

Pressing On in the Promises and Purposes of God

June 15, 2020

The third tribe that had a hard time obtaining the promise was a tribe that wasn’t all in. They came upon enemies and obstacles but didn’t want to do the work it required to receive the fullness of what God had for them. Are you willing to fight for the promise?

Stewarding the Promises of God

June 9, 2020

Last week Gary began a series identifying three groups we all fall into when approaching the Promised Land. He identified the first group: those who walk in fear and experience delay. Today he shares more about the second group: those who don't manage their resources well and have portions given to others. Don't lose the fullness of what God has for you through laziness or an attitude of sloth, but instead, steward what has been given to you well.

You Are at the Edge, Now Enter In

June 2, 2020

Is there something you are dreaming for or God has promised for you but you're waiting? There are three different ways people react to possessing the Promised Land and in this episode, Gary uncovers the first group: those who delay.