A Baptism of Love

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

In this powerful message from 1968, David Wilkerson exhorts us to examine our hearts to see whether we have received a baptism of love in the Holy Spirit.

When Favor Asks for Faith

Carter Conlon

Sometimes faith follows favor—God shows up and points to the will He has for you. And from that place of calling and surrender, you ask for the faith to step into something bigger than yourself. Carter Conlon shares in this powerful teaching that submission to God leads to a fruitful life that will change the world beyond your reach.

Bicycles, Dancing Monkeys and Wax Statues

Gary Wilkerson

We often fight our weaknesses and attempt to cover our failures. Yet, Paul boasted in his weakness and reminded us that in our deficiency, God gives us his strength. Gary Wilkerson shares three Scriptural truths that were redefined for him, allowing him to live with greater sincerity and honesty. When you embrace your weaknesses, you'll begin to rely on a source greater than yourself.

The Healing of Our Hearts

Gary Wilkerson

There's often a snake in the garden—a difficulty in your life to battle. And in those times, you can wrestle with temptation. Usually, these struggles are tied to a core wound or trauma you haven't found healing from. Gary Wilkerson dives beneath the surface to help you uncover your core wound and how you can find healing through Jesus, community and self-love.

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The Towers Have Fallen but We Missed the Message

David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

God weeps with us and for us, but justice forces him to restrain his pity and carry out righteous judgment as a last resort. Reeling from 9/11, David Wilkerson shares a powerful call to repentance in our hearts.  

From Multiplication to the Storm

Claude Houde

We often go through storms, wrestling with their pain and purpose. This week, Pastor Claude Houde takes a look at the lives of Jesus and the disciples to share hope for your storm and how to navigate them.

One on One | With A Past That is Always With Us

Tim Dilena

Jesus knew exactly what people needed not only because he was God but because he truly listened to people's pain. As believers, we are called to mimic Jesus' life, and part of this is learning to ask questions and really listen to people's answers and pray for them. Pastor Tim Dilena talks this week about scripture where Jesus names himself the Great Physician.

Pray While You Still Can

Carter Conlon

We often find sins in our lives that we justify as okay, the "little, white lies" that are condoned by secular culture and excused or ignored by many Christians. What if these "small" sins have a much more serious impact than we could ever imagine? This week, Pastor Carter Conlon talks about rooting out the little weeds in our spiritual lives.

One on One | With Failure

Tim Dilena

Failure is a common denominator for everyone, so why does our loving Father allow us to fail over and over? How does he continue to use us in the midst of our botched work? Pastor Tim Dilena discusses the answers in this week's sermon about how the Bible handles failure.