World Challenge Stories

  • Seeking God in a Foreign Land

    Andreas Steffensen

    God is reaching refugees from all camps in Turkey through World Challenge’s partners as these families dream of returning home.

    “The Kurds are sometimes called the world’s largest nation without its own independent state.” The Economist reported this spring, “Some 30m or [sic] them are scattered mostly across Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

  • A Chain of Loss Redeemed

    Rachel Chimits

    Those who have experienced tremendous loss are finding God’s heart of compassion and healing within the church.

    World Challenge’s partners, Triumphant Mercy, in Lebanon met Nadira when she passed in front of their window at the new community center. She stopped and chatted with the center’s workers, asking them what they do. She started to share her grief and hopelessness, so they invited her to join their trauma healing group that had just started.

  • What Is ‘Christian’ Confrontation?

    World Challenge Staff

    Clearly, the church needs accountability and restoration for people struggling with imbedded sin, but just as clearly, some approaches do more harm than good.

    Mars Hill Church in Seattle became notorious in 2014 when its senior pastor was forced to step down from leadership. One of the more infamous aspects of church life there was the often abusive atmosphere in their ‘redemption groups.’

  • Healing the Heart and Home

    Rachel Chimits

    God is redeeming and restoring lives among Peru’s widows through a ministry that is dedicated to loving them and celebrating their wisdom and servant-hearts.

    Pictured above are the women who have received Christ this year. World Challenge’s partner in Peru, Calvary La Semilla, is producing fruit; and we are excited watch these beautiful ladies grow in their faith.

  • The Mountain Before Our Eyes

    World Challenge Staff

    When our lives are completely upended and we are faced with impossible circumstances, how do we find the faith we are told we must have in order to move mountains?

    In the book Joy in the Sorrow, Guy Delcambre described one of the most shattering days of his life as “a day like any other: ordinary, just as I had come to expect. For me life was easy, predictable, and measured. Whatever difficulty I did encounter, I could handle. I was in control.”

  • Overcoming COVID-19 Together

    Steve Otradovec

    Another wave of the pandemic has hit Southeast Asia hard, but World Challenge’s partners are using this as an opportunity to bring the gospel to their neighborhoods.

    Cambodia and the rest of Southeast Asia has been hard-hit by both medical and political turmoil in the last few months.