World Challenge Stories

  • A Venerable Stand in Peru

    Rachel Chimits

    The church is stepping up to care for society’s most vulnerable and often overlooked people groups, especially during the pandemic.

    In a COVID-19 report, BBC News noted, “The latest figures out of Peru mean its death rate per capita is now one of the highest, if not the highest, in the world.”

  • Unexpected and Gracious Gifts

    Rachel Chimits

    World Challenge’s partners are supporting Christians in India who are in need, especially those struck by tragedy.

    Jeevika* and her husband were on a trip to the market to buy fruit; they were looking for watermelon for the family, especially their two daughters to enjoy. 

  • The Start of a New Life

    Rachel Chimits

    Children in Kenya are being offered a new lease on life and a chance to know God by World Challenge’s partners.

    In places shaken by unrest, children are often the first to suffer and the ones to carry the marks of it longest afterward. 

  • Breaking the Law with the Word

    Rachel Chimits

    As the pandemic tightens India’s borders, laws are potentially going to be passed that could make life for believers even harder. 

    Fardeen* is a retired teacher and widower with a son and a daughter. A model citizen, he holds a respected position in the community and has always been concerned with school legislation and the education system in India. 

  • Gently Opening Locked Doors

    World Challenge Staff

    In parts of Asia where Christians are not typically welcomed, World Challenge partners are building relationships and sharing the good news.

    Yasira* is a respected Islamic woman and leader in a closed Southeast Asian country. In 2018, our team met her through a livelihood program for raising goats and developed a strong friendship with her. 

  • Loving Neighbors and Enemies

    Rachel Chimits

    World Challenge’s partners in Brazil are working with communities to care for those who are ostracized and unloved.

    Macumba is an old, spiritual practice in parts of Brazil, a blend of Portuguese Catholicism, ancient indigenous superstitions and witchcraft practices brought by slaves from West Africa. 

  • A Good Samaritan in the Mountains

    World Challenge Staff

    Believers in South Asia are working to be a sweet aroma among their neighbors but most of all to their Father in heaven.

    Pastor Shalva* in South Asia was recently introduced to Community Health Evangelism through our World Challenge partner. He became very interested in the concepts of reaching the whole person for Christ and started implementing this into his own ministry.