World Challenge Stories

  • Savior, Healer and Lord

    Richard Grangaard

    God revealed himself as the divine and loving healer to a woman and her grandson and, as a result, many of her neighbors.

    Dina was from a very poor Hindu family in Bangladesh. She knew about Christians because she had met World Challenge’s partners in her city and been introduced to their church. Her family had been Hindus for several generations, though, so why should she change this longstanding tradition?

  • The Music of a Different Future

    World Challenge Staff

    God introduced himself into one young girl’s life, and now as she becomes a young adult, she’s seeing how the road he’s set her on is a unique blessing.

    Juli grew up in Iba village, near Albania’s capital Tirana. She was introduced to church and a children’s club run by World Challenge’s partner as a little girl. A very shy and reserved child, she still came every week with a friend. 

  • Wandering but Not Lost

    Rachel Chimits

    One lady’s generous heart toward orphaned children in Kenya ultimately turned her life toward her own heavenly Father.


    (verb) Swahili

     To walk around, often without a specific purpose or without a particular destination in mind. To wander aimlessly.

  • All the Signs of New Life

    Steve Otradovec

    Distance, struggles, pain and Satan’s lies can cause us to question God, our faith, and our impact for the kingdom of heaven.

    As a trainer and facilitator of poverty solution teams in Southeast Asia, I sometimes ask myself, “Are we impacting and transforming lives? Is the kingdom of God actually working through us to push back the darkness and bring forth hope, abundant life and reconciliation?” 

    The answers to these questions are in the signs of new life. 

  • On the Wings of Petition

    Rachel Chimits

    World Challenge’s partners are reaching out to the children of the Roma community to help them grow towards their heavenly Father.

    Ema’s father died when she was three years old. For any child, this would be a devastating loss, but it was especially so for Ema and her family as Roma who depended heavily on her father’s presence to protect them and his income to support them.

  • The Children of Spring

    Rachel Chimits

    World Challenge’s partners are working to help the children of Middle Eastern refugees with educational aid and food.

    The Arab Spring in the early 2010s may seem like a distant memory for those outside of the Middle East, but for many Syrians, it still looms large over everyday life.

  • The Unfailing Love of God

    World Challenge Staff

    One young man shares how his good, Christian upbringing couldn’t save him from addiction and wild living; only Christ in the center of his life could transform him.

    World Challenge’s partners in Eswatini run a recovery center, helping men and women find healing from addictions and discover new life in Christ. One young man in their program shared his story of redemption with us.